DSCN0387What a great wedding at Seven Oaks Country Club last Saturday the 10th of Aug 2013. Congratulations to our bride and groom Ashleigh & Tarron.  I had a blast acting as your host, MC & DJ.  you did not miss a detail From the beautiful set up & great food provided by our hostess Brenna Charatsaris of Seven Oaks Country Club to the quick and I am very positive stunning photography of Tim and Jen of Artisan Photography. I would also like to personally thank the Fairy Godmothers Colleen, Amy & Cassandra, without you the wedding would not have been as smooth. You keep everyone on time and where they were needed when they were needed their.

Thank You for allowing us to author & present your Love Story it was truly inspiring.

The Story of Tarron & Ashleigh

It’s finally time to meet our bride and groom, and hear “The Story of Tarron and Ashleigh”.

 They met at UC Riverside and started hanging out.   The first thing they realized was that their sense of humor meshed perfectly.  They danced, went to the movies, ate together …. But most importantly, shared A LOT of laughs.

 Ashleigh moved to Oregon, and Tarron came to visit.  Both were nervous.  He was afraid to eat her cooking for the first time, believing that “white people can’t cook”.  She was worried that their “big personalities” could clash at some point.  As it turned out, he LOVED her cooking:  and she discovered that they put up with each other quite well.  “Huh, this could work”, she thought.

They soon became each other’s “Person”, and their relationship grew.

Tarron decided he wanted to make Ashleigh his person forever.  He tried to call her parents to ask for their blessing … but they didn’t answer.  So he asked Ashleigh to try them on her phone.  She never thought about WHY he wanted to talk to them, just handed him the phone and went on with her day.  Tarron got his permission and began planning the perfect proposal.

He asked her to go golfing with him on Men’s Night, the first woman ever invited.  Then he emailed all their friends to get them in on it.  On August 17, 2011, Tarron stuck the ring box inside the first hole while their friends hid behind trees and in the restaurant.

Ashleigh, having no idea, couldn’t understand WHY he was rushing her to hurry up and get ready?  And WHY were there so many people out on the course on Men’s night?  Distracted and frustrated, it took her FOREVER to finish that hole.  At one point, she wanted to quit.  When she got close, she said “there’s something in there”!

 “Oh, it’s just somebody else’s ball. Finish it”, came the reply.

Finally, the ball went into the hole, and there was Tarron on one knee as friends started coming out of their hiding places.  She plucked out her ball, knelt again to grab what was under it, and handed him the ring box saying “Whaaaaat?”

…and the rest is history.

Almost two years to the day later, here we are;  and Tarron, you succeeded!  She got the ring, you got the story.

Tonight it gives me great pleasure to introduce you not only as one another’s persons, but as husband and wife.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Mr. and Mrs. Tarron and Ashley Anderson!

Watch the proposal here

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