“The Reason” Earth, Wind & Fire Instrumental

DSCN0512ld38It’s finally time to meet the guests of honor, our newly re-married Bride & Groom. As we celebrate today, let’s take a look back at where this Love Story began.

David & Linda both grew up in Bakersfield, but they were from different high schools and areas of town. Their lives took different paths at first. But April 26, 1980, was a life-changing day for both of them when they were introduced at a party at The Bakersfield Inn.

They agreed it was probably six months before the actual words “I Love You” were spoken, but no one is sure who said it first. The important thing is they FELT it, from the very first moment, and they never separated from that day forward. Just before Christmas, David asked Linda’s father for permission; not only for his daughter’s hand in marriage, but to ask for his granddaughter, little four-year-old Vanessa, to become part of a new little family together.

The years came and went, and their love continued to grow. They were blessed with beautiful children and three wonderful grandchildren. Day-by-day, they experienced the joys and sorrows of marriage.

Tonight, they fulfill a life-long dream, reaffirming their vows in a big church wedding, surrounded by family and friends; celebrating with the most important people in their lives.

Please stand and join me in welcoming our guests of honor and celebrate the love that has bound them for 32 years and counting …

Mr. and Mrs. David and Linda Hernandez

Here are the Two Videos from the Reception!

Here is a link to all the photos from the slide show & the ones I took at the Reception