11214262_10153388719709226_8376578680902470903_nThank you for booking me as your Wedding Entertainment Designer for your wedding. This page is designed to help you plan a fantastic wedding reception; full of the personal touches that will ultimately define the event as your own. Below you will find the tools to create a most memorable event, one as unique and special as you are. Please share this page with close family and friends and allow them the opportunity to help create memories that you will share for a lifetime.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Part of my service contract to you is to act as your guide throughout this process. Please bookmark this page as it will become your page.

All Forms can be worked on a little at a time and will be saved by your email address.

My private contact information:
Kyle Brown
Office 661-633-9200
Toll Free 800-200-99DJ (35)
Cell 661-979-1197
Fax 661-633-9199

Planning Form
This form is an organizational tool to help track all the details of your wedding. I will use this sheet as a guideline to make sure that everything happens as planned. The guidelines suggested are not firm requirements, but listings of typical wedding order of events, etc. Please complete the applicable sections as indicated.
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Music Requests System
Please use the Music Request System to let me know what music you would like for your event. You can search Artist, Song or Most Requested. As you look through our database you will notice 3 ADD buttons on the Right Side


Green Button is for Must Play, you can select up to 20. Yellow button is for general requests, you can select up to 200. Red is for DO NOT PLAY, you can select up to 200. Keep in mind you do not need to make a selection on every song just the ones you have an opinion about. More Detail
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Love Story
The Love Story is your opportunity to have your story told the way it should be – with romance, humor, sentiment and surprises, all set to music and delivered at your reception. In order to help us create your Love Story, we will need some information from you. The following is a checklist of basic information we need. We won’t use it all, but having it all will help us to find the perfect blend for your Love Story. Please feel free to add more, but make sure we have everything in this checklist before your Reception Planning Session with your MC.
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Refer a Friend and get $100.00 off your event.
If you know someone who is having an event from a wedding, company party or any event that need professional sound and emcee. I will credit you $100 toward your event.
Please click here for more detailed information

Your First Dance
I will create a special custom first dance for you. Please take the time to read through the information on how to create your custom first dance.
More info…

Custom Grand Entrance
Please complete the forms for each person I will be introducing. This is by far the longest form I have, however it should not take long to complete. There is a total on 16 questions for each person.
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Custom Father Daughter Dance
Please have the father of the bride complete the form
Please Send Email to your dad with the link
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Custom Mother Son Dance
Please have the mother of the groom complete the form
Please Send Email to your mom with the link
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Buffet style dinner – 20 questions
In an effort to keep your guest entertained and have a little fun at the same time we can dismiss your guest tables in several ways. The best way is what I call 20 questions. By filling in the form below I will have a list of questions I can ask your guest and if the table gets the answer right there table will be released for dinner. This method of table release is a good way to keep the line moving without your guest having to stand in a long line.
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Bride & Groom Trivia Challenge – Part of the Rehearsal Dinner Package
Here is a link to the Bride & Groom Trivia Challenge questions. This an exclusive service only offered by Good Time Entertainment. For more info on the Service Click Here / Click Here to Access the questions