Terms and ConditionsGood Time Entertainment
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Bakersfield, CA 93309

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Reprint of front of Good Time Entertainment Contract for Entertainment Services.  All date references pertain to the original date of event.

1. Agreement.
Responsibility for the terms and conditions of this contract is based upon confirmation of your acceptance of this agreement. Confirmation can be made verbally; by contract signature; and/or by receipt of the retainer.
2. Personal Service Guarantee
Kyle Brown of Good Time Entertainment will serve as your exclusive event host. In the unlikely event of circumstances beyond my control (hospitalization, accident, etc) Good Time Entertainment will make every effort to find a replacement host for your event.
3. Retainer
The retainer fee is non-refundable.
4. Contract Balance.
Contract balance is due and payable fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the show. If the date has been changed, the contract balance is due 14 days prior to the original date of the event.
5. Final Payment.
Payment in full is due prior to the original event date. In the case of overtime (or by special arrangement), payment shall be made on the date of the event. A $50 billing fee will apply to all post-event balances.
6. Date Transfer.
The date may be transferable, depending on appropriate (at least 4 weeks) notification AND availability. Every effort will be made to accommodate changes to the schedule, but there is no guarantee of availability for every calendar date/time. A $50 transfer fee will apply to all date/time changes.
7. Event Cancellation.
Shows may be canceled with appropriate notice (8 weeks or more). The retainer will be forfeited in the event of cancellation. If retainer has been waived or reduced by special arrangement, (i.e. to accommodate commercial accounting purposes), a retainer fee of 50% of the total contract amount will apply and is due and payable immediately upon cancellation. If the contract is canceled less than 8 weeks prior to the event, the total amount will be due and payable prior to the original event date. All Cancellations will only be accepted by the contract signer in person and you must receive a postponement or cancellation agreement from us to be valid
8. Tips / Performer Compensation:
Any tip given to the DJ/Dealer/Pit Boss/ Cashier should be by separate check or in cash, and given directly to the performer on the date of the event.
9. Guest Conduct
Contract executor (signee) is responsible for guest conduct during the show. Any theft or damage to equipment, music, and/or personal injury to Good Time Entertainment staff by the hosts or guests shall be the responsibility of the person signing the contract.
10. Overtime Hours
Signee shall be responsible for all hours (excluding original set-up and removal of equipment that Good Time Entertainment is present at the show. In the event that set-up or removal of equipment is delayed due to other factors, (i.e. other performances, dual locations or facility restrictions), this contract is binding for overtime hours as a result of the delays. Hours are based upon the time staff and equipment are needed at the site. Staff must remain at the site until all equipment is removed.
11. Contract hours
Contract Hours may not be amended without appropriate written notice. Overtime may be authorized, but hours begin and end according to contract time. (I.e., if the show starts late, it cannot end late as well without incurring overtime.)
12. Acts Of God
Good Time Entertainment is not responsible for “Acts of God” or other events outside of our control that result in the early cessation of event (i.e., intervention by law enforcement, power interruption, weather or guest actions).
13. Misdirection
Good Time Entertainment is not responsible for late start time in cases of misdirection. You are responsible for allowing Good Time Entertainment access to site for set-up as well as directions and notification of time changes.
14. Discounts
The amount of all discounts or incentives given or applied as a result of confirmation shall be due and payable immediately upon cancellation; including, but not limited to, $100 complimentary wedding invitations.
15. Legal Fees
Contract Executor/Signee is responsible for all legal fees in the event of court action.
16. Attendance
Kyle Brown of Good Time Entertainment attendance is guaranteed in compliance with the terms of this contract. In the unlikely event of a ‘no-show’ to a regularly booked and scheduled event, Good Time Entertainment will refund the balance, in full, to the Contract Executor/Signee.
17. Indemnification And Hold Harmless Agreement
I, the client, hereby certify that my contract with Good Time Entertainment is entirely voluntary. I realize that dancing is a dangerous, extremely risky activity and that I may be injured or killed as a result of my participation in it and, therefore, in consideration of the fiscal authorization of the event by Good Time Entertainment, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Good Time Entertainment and its directors, officers, appointees, agents and employees, (the “indemnified parties”), or contractors from any and all losses, costs, damages and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of or resulting from any claim (including claims based in whole or in part upon allegations of negligent acts or omissions of any of the indemnified parties) by or on behalf of any person, or by or on behalf of me or any of my personal representatives, for any personal injury, death or damage to property arising out of my participation in this activity including but not limited to my injury or death as a result of causes which ordinarily occur before, during or after such activity.
By my signature on the original contract, I acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement as outlined.


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