Imagine your wedding ceremony . . . intimate, perfect, your innermost thoughts being expressed to your mate, your entire audience of friends and family present for the union. We can make that moment in your life magical . . . and your friends and family will be right there with you for the confirmation of your love and commitment.

What if everything that you feel, everything that you want to express to your soul mate, can be presented to each other and your witnesses at the wedding in a manner that they can hear and understand during your first dance?

At Good Time Entertainment, we offer an exclusive, individual First Dance package to our brides and grooms. One that is special and unique to each couple, and each wedding. One that will truly be your own and never be duplicated.
We will record your commitments to one another, using state-of-the-art sound mixing systems, to the background of your first dance. As you stand proudly with one another, the commitments of bride to groom and groom to bride will be aired for your audience as recorded; according to your specifications.

For help in writing your Custom First Dance click here for detailed instructions and tips