Welcome to an Overview of Our Best Wishes Custom Recording Line.

My Best Wishes is a way for close family and friends who can’t make it to your celebration to still give you their best wishes.  With a simple phone call to our special phone number your family or friends can leave a heart felt message for you and your bride/groom.

For the caller

Here is some basic information you need to know before you call.

Make sure to Write down the name of the Bride and Groom & their wedding date.
Make sure to say your full name and relationship to the Bride and Groom. (Kyle Brown and I’m Jason’s Uncle)
Then pause for just a second.
Now start your message. Please keep it under 2 minutes or about 200 words. but no more than 300 words.

For the best results please write everything down first then practice reading it out loud a few time before calling.

Here is an example:
This wish is for Stephanie and Bobbie and they’re getting married on September 4th, 2018 and this is Stephanie’s Best friend from college. (PAUSE)

Stephanie Wow! I am so happy for you and Bobbie, I am really bummed I couldn’t make it. Congratulations on your wedding, my wish for you is that you share everything with your husband, including the housework. anyway, I really look forward to seeing the two of you soon and again Congratulation and I love you booth Have a great celebration.

‪(661) 438-1328‬