weddingpartyThe bridal party is a tradition that has been established for many centuries. For a long time the purpose of the bridal party was to fool evil spirits. The bride’s friends dressed similarly to her in order to confuse any virulent presences that might be lurking about. Today bridesmaids are there to support the bride in the stressful times during the wedding.

Today however the bridal party function is to support the Bride and Groom the the planning and execution of the event.  Bridesmaids help ensemble. address and mail  wedding invitations, put together wedding favors and are their to help the bride get ready on the big day.  The maid/matron of honor will plan the bachelorette party.

The grooms men will help the groom with the few things he need to accomplish before the wedding, plan the bachelor party and help the groom on the wedding day.

Most Brides and Grooms will select the friends and family closest to them to be in the bridal party.  A best friend or brother for the groom.  The bride will most often choose her very best friend to be the maid/matron of honor and other close family/friends to be her bridesmaids.

BTW these roles are not gender specific.  you can have a girl as a best person on the grooms side or a man of honor on the brides side.  The best person is always the right person.

So because your bridal party is so involved in your wedding from start to finish and long before this big event, one of your closest friends.  Why not honor them with a special grand entrance.

Rather than just introduce them the same way every other wedding does.

  • Bob & Lisa
  • Jeff & Cortney
  • Best Man Ted & Maid of Honor Michelle

Wkelsey_trevor_065hy not spend a few seconds reorganizing each person in your bridal party as a surprise to honor them at the wedding reception.  On a peace of paper come up with a few highlight of your time together, how you meet, fun adventures you have been on, etc.  Then select a song the reminds you of your friend and use that as their introduction.



kelsey_trevor_087Now it’s time for the Maid of Honor.  This young lady is high school friend of the brides, but her husband is the groom’s BFF.  She’s a fabulous Mom who seems to have a talent for everything.  Lisa’s favorite memory with her is their trip toLas Vegas  where they developed this motto:  Leave on Vacation, Come Back on Probation.  Of course, I’m talking about Michelle

Song – Viava Las Vagas

Its Personal, Fun and let’s your guest know this is going to be a celebration. It also let’s your bridal party know how special they are to you.

I have been writing custom grand entrances for my brides and grooms since 2004 and it has always been one of the most talked about parts of the reception.
If you have any questions or just want to pick my brain. Please feel free to call me 800-200-9935
Kyle Brown
Good Time Entertainment

Here is a couple of examples of the Custom Grand Entrance

Photos provided by C&B Photography