1269324_10151666399969226_255993549_oIt’s time to meet our Bride & Groom, but now that you know so much about the friends in their Wedding Party, let’s introduce them with a little bit of their love story.

Life is always about the little things … strange twists and turns that eventually lead us to somewhere important.
Here, we have two kids that grew up initially in Taft, but never met each other. Each of them had divorced parents, and spent some time going back and forth to stay with one or the other … and still they didn’t met.
They shared common interests in paintballing, offroading and just having fun …. and still they didn’t meet.
Then, as the Fates would have it, Chad and Kayla both ended up at The Bullshed bar the night before new year’s eve in 2011:
he for his friend’s birthday party; she, just out with friends.
Kayla said she saw him leaning up against the outside bar, lookin’ all sexy in his cowboy hat. Not a shy girl, she just walked right up to the bar and bumped into him.
Chad politely asked if she wanted some more room, and she said nope, she was fine. They drank and talked and enjoyed the evening with friends, but forgot to exchange numbers.
Now, Kayla didn’t know it, but Chad and his friends went to that same bar every weekend for the next three months, just waiting to see if she would show up again. Finally, she did. Chad remembers saying “Hey, you got some pretty boots, what’s your name?” to start off the conversation. Kayla, on the other hand, just remembers that they picked up right where they left off again, and he was saying all the right things.
They ended up leaving together, though Chad had to ride in a carseat.
Now both call their “first date” the family breakfast they had the next morning.

Chad says at three months in, he knew Kayla was THE ONE.
Kayla says it was more like five months before he said I Love You. Chad grabbed her hand waiting for Ryan to show up at his house, looked her in the eyes, kissed her on the forhead and told her he loved her.
Kayla answered “I love you back”, because then SHE KNEW he was the one.

Chad’s mom Terri said she knew it was for real when Chad introduced them … he told her he would never introduce her to any other girlfriends until he found the one he wanted to spend his life with, and she fell in love with Kayla, too. Terri says “Any woman that can watch my Chad change a tire, with a big ‘ol smile lighting her whole face, is alright with me.”

1271084_10151666397424226_2126936456_oNow that they were all sure, the day finally came and Chad asked her to marry him. Never a guy to just do things the normal way, he showed up from work early one day with a pink and black ring made out of duct tape,
with a little nut on top for the diamond.
Kayla had always cautioned him not to ask until he was %500 percent sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but who could’ve guessed the question would come with a duct tape ring and his dog? As the dog licked around them both happily, Kayla could barely answer “Yes”.
And then about three weeks later, he traded the original ring for the real one, making Kayla go all misty-eyed. But that duct tape is still with them, and is just as important to her as the biggest diamond in the world.
It’s just Chad’s way.

Ladies & Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our husband and wife Chad and Kayla Williams.1266280_10151666401779226_209061369_o


I would love to thank all the wonderful vendors I got to work with at this event.

Randal from The Randal House you and your wife Debbie did an amazing job with the place and helping to keep everything running smoothly  634-0433  Website

Victoria Schrader Photography & her assistant really seam to be on top capturing the moments.

Fabious BBQ I heard nothing but raves about your food.

You all made my job a delight Thanks again Kyle Brown Good Time Entertainment