November 23rd 2013

It’s THE LOVE STORY of our Bride and Groom, Donielle and Noel,
and it’s far from over.
DSC_0032They both grew up outside Bakersfield. Noel, three years older, spent the first 13 years of his life in downtown Los Angeles; the youngest of two sons with a single mother. Donielle, on the other hand, was born and raised in Sacramento with her Mom, Dad and Older sister, and moved here with her family when she was 15. As a kid, Noel was into sports, mischief and hanging out with the neighborhood kids; walking or biking for miles to a swimming pool or park, looking to join in a sports game or good old fashioned water balloon fight. Donielle, on the other hand, was more shy. She liked gymnastics and dance, but hung out mostly with family. Then came that fateful night when Noel walked into WalMart with his friend needing a key. Donielle was working overnights as a cashier and “go­back” restocker. Noel found it impossible to leave the store without asking for her name and number … and she gave it to him.

DSC_0055He picked her up for their first date. She was all dressed up: HE was wearing jeans, a t­shirt and a leather wallet with a chain that she will never forget. They went to Que Pasa for dinner, but then, according to Noel, she beat him mercilessly at pool at The Corner Pocket. According to Donielle, she sucked at playing pool so he played while she watched. Noel was mystified that she was winning every game; Donielle thought she was losing.

His first impression was “wow, she’s strong­ headed! She tells it just like it is and is not afraid to share what’s on her mind”. Her first impression was “he’s sweet, and nice, but totally not my type”. But then they went out again, on a cold day at Camelot, riding the go­carts. He noticed she tied her hoodie all the way up, so tight that all he could see were her nose and her eyes as she zipped past him, and that cute little ‘wink, wink, wink’ that somehow made losing okay. He calls it one of their best dates.

They both agree that he fell in love first. HE knew when they’d been out driving around together, something they often did, about 2­3 months into the relationship, and he started to share those very important words. She was in shock. SHE remembers it happening about 5 or 6 months into the relationship when she and Megan were visiting Aunt Billie in Washington. She talked about how mean she could be to Noel, and they got into a huge fight about it, causing Aunt Billie to become uncomfortable …. but it was right then that Donielle realized that she really DID like him …. LOVE him …. and couldn’t risk losing him because, she wanted to be with him forever.

His favorite time with her is any time they spend alone together, which is hard with four kids. He says that she makes The Best Sandwiches EVER, if they use exactly the same ingredients, hers are always better than he can make for himself. His favorite song that reminds him of her is “Far Away” by Nickleback, a song about staying together and never leaving.

Donielle says she loves everything about him … calling him a kind, hard­working and dedicated family man. The Proposal came after they had already been together for five years and had a second child on the way. Noel was nervous … and she kept thinking “I’ve been WAITING for this, don’t you know I’ll say Yes?” And she did, and we’re here, celebrating the official joining of two families forever!

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