Remember what it’s really all about.

Your wedding day will pass quickly but the memories will last a lifetime. Your wedding is the celebration of something much more important than how great your dress looked or what was on the menu, It’s the decision two people make to join together and the creation of a new family. The memories you create and capture at your reception will as unique as you.

DON’T create a wedding for others at the expense of your personal desires and responsibilities.

A wedding is an event intended to bring family and friends together but more than anything else, it is about uniting two people together for life. Focus on creating the kind of celebration you want to remember, not the one you think other people will expect you to have. DON’T invite people just because you think you have to. Invite those who you care about most and who are truly involved in your life. Don’t make choices to please others if they will make you unhappy.

If you have a limit to the number of guest you can have create an A/B list. On the A list is people you have to invite (Family, Close friends, etc.) on the B list is everyone else. As you get your R.S.V.P.’s back start to replace the Sorry Can Not Attend with the guest on your B List.