Eat at the ReceptionSeems obvious but trust me, famished, fainting brides and grooms are a bigger problem than you might imagine. If you are considering skipping meals before your big day so you can look better in your wedding attire, that’s one thing (I’m not here to judge you) However the day of your wedding you will most likely burn way more calories then you could eat.

Breakfast has never been more important, this may be your last meal before your reception, and you’ll be on your feet for most of it. You NEED the energy.

fruit-snacksKeep a stash of healthy fruit, granola bars or your favorite finger foods with you to snack on throughout the day.

waterKeep plenty of water on hand as you will be thirsty and water is the best at keeping you hydrated and it won’t stain your dress. A case of water is just under $5 at most stores. Grab your ice chest and a bag of ice and you are set for the day.

Lastly make sure to eat at the reception. You selected the caterer and the meal because you liked it, you might as well enjoy it.  If you eat and are not hungry all day you will be in a better mood and enjoy the day for all it has to offer.