Here is a great article I came across that I think will help you to understand the difference between what I do and the Average DJ


Average Wedding DJ (a.k.a. Disc Jockey, Dee-Jay, D.J., M.C., Emcee, Master of Ceremonies, Etc.)

bad dj setup2“A DJ who plays music and makes announcements at wedding receptions in a manner that is deemed to be average.”

Do you want an Average Wedding DJ at your wedding reception? Or would you like to find the best wedding entertainment money can buy?

An Average Wedding DJ will most likely show up on time, play the songs you’ve requested and maybe even make some announcements for you. But will that be enough?

Will an Average Wedding DJ:

  • Help you plan your reception in advance (not just on the phone 2 days before your wedding) so that your agenda will flow smoothly and all of your guests will have an enjoyable time?
  • Help you create unforgettable moments so that your reception will be remembered fondly by your friends and family for years to come?
  • Make sure there are no unexpected surprises that could bring your celebration to a halt?
  • Remember how to properly pronounce the names of your parents and wedding party members during the Grand Entrance?

Can something that is just average create something that is truly remarkable? Think back on the Average Wedding DJs you have seen at wedding receptions in the past. Were any of those receptions…Remarkable? Unforgettable? Amazing? Or would those receptions be better described as…Average? Mediocre? Run-of-the-Mill? Forrest Gump’s Momma said it best when she said (paraphrased) “Average Is As Average Does”.

If you want yours to be “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever”, then you may be looking for something more than just an Average Wedding DJ. Might we suggest looking for a Wedding Entertainment Directorâ„¢ instead? What is a Wedding Entertainment Directorâ„¢ you might be asking? Obviously the word Wedding implies one who is confidently familiar with the detailed traditions of wedding receptions and the high expectations of wedding clients. The word Entertainment focuses on the primary service that is provided when one is hoping to create a reception that is more than just well-decorated, well-photographed and well-fed. And the word Director clarifies the role and responsibility of the Master of Ceremonies, whose primary function is to make sure that the reception is directed in such a way as to be and stay consistently entertaining.

The truth is, you will need More Than Just Good Music, more polish than the Average Wedding DJ, and more creativity than the Typical Wedding Band if you want yours to be “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”. You need someone who specializes in creating Entertaining Weddings, and delivering Unforgettable Reception Entertainment. Don’t settle for an Average Wedding DJ, search for the best Wedding Entertainment Directorâ„¢ you can find.

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