Music Selection:: FANTASTIC- It was exactly what we wanted
Sound Quality: FANTASTIC
What % of the success of your reception would you attribute to Good Time Entertainment: 200% A+++++

Was the price you paid for my service a good value: Great Value Level of service exceeded money spent

What was the main reason you chose me over other DJ services?: We chose Kyle because his services are so unique. He has amazing ideas that we have never seen at any reception. Kyle kept the crowd entertained and our guests LOVED our reception.
Microphone Skill: FANTASTIC
Treatment of Guests: FANTASTIC
Appearance of Equipment Set-Up : Looked Great it added to the look and feel of the room
Appearance of D.J.: Dressed Professionally
Was I helpful in pre-planning and coordinating your reception?: FANTASTIC-COULDN’T BE BETTER!!
comments from your bridal party on the Grand Entrance: The best part about the grand entrance, was the bridal party had no idea what was about to happen. They were overwhelmed with emotion when we shared our appreciation for them.
Father/Daughter & Mother Son Dances: OMG!!!! I had no clue my dad was involved in this process. This was so unforgettable.
Thoughts on your first dance recordings: I knew Mackey had recorded something for me to hear, but I had no idea how special that moment was going to be. He spoke the most beautiful words and that made our first dance more special.
What did you think of the Cloud: AMAZING!!!!! Looks absolutely beautiful in photographs
What is your favorite memory that I played a part in, from your reception?: The selection of music during the ceremony, “be our guest” entrance, bridal party grand entrance, first dance, first dance with wedding party, father daughter dance, mother son dance, long lasting relationship dance
How were you originally referred to Good Time?: Colleen Bauer owner of My fairy godmother
Would you recommend me to others?: Absolutely book him if you can
May we us you as a reference?: Yes

Comments & Notes:
Before I met Kyle, I was amazed of the amount of money D.J.’s requested for their services for only playing music. I was overwhelmed with staying within our budget and making the best decisions for our special day. Kyle greeted me like we were family and put my mind to rest. He showered me with ideas for our reception and involved my family to make it memorable. Kyle is the best! He not only played the music we requested, but added songs to the roster that I completely forgot existed. He also played music for our wedding ceremony and it was beautiful. He played different songs for the bridal party entrance, my entrance, candle lighting ceremony, communion service and of course our exit. He also coordinated special moments during the reception with The Petroleum Club staff, photographer, cinema-photographer, and family. I had no worries about the music to be played for our special day. I had no worries about Kyle and that says a lot about his services.