As a small token of my appreciation for your referral. I will credit your event $100.00 toward the balance for every bride you refer to me.

The rules:

  1. Only one person may refer an event to me. In the case of multiple people referring the same client to me the client will decide who gets credit for the referral.
  2. The $100 credit will apply to your event upon signed contract and retainer received. In the case your event is paid in full I will send you a check for $100.00 upon their event payments reaching half their balance.
  3. In cases where the referred client is paying less than retail (ie. Bridal Show Coupon, Weekday event, school event, short hours etc.) you will receive %5 of total fees charged
  4. If the clients cancels there event credit will be removed from your event.
  5. You must complete the form below completely.
  6. Future client must be aware of the referral as I will use your name when contacting them.

    Your Full Name:
    Your Email:
    Wedding Date:
    I am currently a client of Good Time EntertainmentI am not currently a client of Good Time Entertainment

    Referral Information:
    Brides Name
    Wedding Date if known